Saturday, September 12, 2015

Be Familiar with a Power Rack

You may or may not heard of power rack but this equipment is a great tool in achieving fitness. Some are familiar with it. Others are expert with it. But many are still clueless about this great equipment. Fortunately, there are articles that give information about fitness like this one that you are currently reading. With the help of this content, you will have a basic learning about power rack, its history and components.

A Brief History

Maybe most of us thought that this equipment is a newly invent tool but in reality, it has been giving benefits since 1960s. It gained popularity when Terry Todd and Dr. Craig Whitehead are testing their theory about maximum fatigue with the help of a power rack (power racks). It gained intense popularity when Peary Rader focused on power rack as subject in the famous Iron Man magazine. Many people got interested with this equipment and even improve it to a much better version like what Karl Mullen did in 1987. From then on, it has emerged as one of the essential fitness equipment ever made.

A Closer Look

A better way to make people familiar with it is to describe its components. A power rack is a huge bunk of steel which has four vertical posts with two movable horizontal bar catchers for holding weights. There are also safety pins which make it safe for lifters and individual who engage with it.

At this point, you have read certain information about this equipment and you now have an idea or clearer picture of how it became popular, what comprises it and what is its use. It is now time for you to choose the best power rack to experience the benefits that many have already experienced. Go ahead and be fit with power rack now!

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